Monday, November 7, 2011

hello? is this thing on?

It’s been a year since my last post – WTP? I'm going to admit it - I got lost. Duh.

Really. I mean it – I was lost. I didn’t lose my URL or forget my password, I just got off the path. (Ok peanut gallery – this is where you chime in – YOU have a path? Ha ha – very funny.) Some of you know it’s been a miserable year for me, and I don’t particularly enjoy misery. And I say that in all seriousness because we all know plenty of folks who live for it. Some people bounce back quickly from this kind of stuff, others reflect and philosophize, some people drink heavily. But bouncing didn’t require much effort and left me uninspired; I’m not a philosophizer either, as that takes clear and uncluttered thought. I’m allergic to booze – so no luck there either.

I won’t recount the loads of not-particularly-joyous crap that’s happened this year. My therapist says I am supposed to leave that junk in a box on a shelf when I leave her office, which is a fantastic concept, except when I want to sneak into her office, grab the box and light that puppy on fire. **evil laugh*

So I’m slowly poking along, not thinking about that box as often as I used to, and figuring out where my sense of humor went. I know it’s here somewhere because it peeks its head out every so often just to say hello, like Stewie in Family Guy. (btw - watch the clip if you haven't seen it.)

My new goal is to grab it and hang on to it for a little longer each day. I’ll try being patient with it, maybe resist the urge to strangle it. Baby steps, you know? It’s like birthing a child, or more like a twin, or when I’m on a familiar trail but the season has changed. I recognize it, but it looks just a tiny bit different. So I’m going to call my blog “look, something kind of shiny” for a while – until I can be fully distracted by life’s amusements again.

Oh – about the socks. I just thought they were funny. And you know I like socks.


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Geoff Roth said...

Glad to see Something (sort of) Shiny back!! Funny, I was going through my Google Reader stuff and clicked on your feed the other day to see if there was anything new and noticed it had been awhile.