Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bird Nerd

I have no idea where my obsession with birds came from. I’ve never been interested in them before. And then last year (or the year before, I can’t remember), I started putting out a feeder and I was simply amazed at all the different types. And my neighbor (who shall remain nameless until I have her permission…) knew all the bird species and went on and on about them. Now, I am not going to say my competitive nature didn’t kick in, but I was a little bit jealous! After all, I’ve spent half my life outdoors – back country trips and hikes, climbing in all sorts of places – yet I couldn’t name a bird. Ok – I could name the Cardinal. But who can’t name the cardinal?!!

I have officially become a bird nerd. Apparently, I am not along in this. As soon as I started mixing my photography with birds, I started getting all sorts of private confessions from friends through email. You’re a bird nerd, too? Oh my gosh – so am I! And it felt kind of good! So I am now a frequent customer of Baker Feed and Seed down in Old Milford (this place is great – best seed variety at the best prices) and when I walk in, the old man who runs the place just sort of smiles at me and asks how many pounds I want this week. I am ashamed to admit I don’t know his name because he kind of intimidates me. He’s one of those old country folk types. I know he knows everything there is about country life, birds, and livestock, and I’m sure he looks at me in my skirts and thinks to himself: Amateur. Reminds me of Curly in City Slickers (RIP Jack Palance).

So to all the secret bird nerds out there, I encourage you to come out of the closet. It’s really fun out here! I can’t tell you how many iPhone apps there are for bird songs, bird identification, how to attract birds (Birds USA is my favorite) – you name it. And when you are lazing on the deck in your skivvies, you can pass it off as bird watching. Honey, can you get me another Diet Pepsi? I’m watching this Northern Flicker and I don’t want to make any sudden movements.

Some day, I will confess about my obsession with tea pots. They are not as interesting to photograph, but beautiful nonetheless.

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Amy said...

Teapots, ok. But birds? I find them a little creepy. To each his (or her) own.