Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No, really. I'm blogging. I swear.

Hey yo! Sorry to have disappeared for a spot – it was that pesky unemployment thing! I got a little bogged down trying to figure out my place in the world – funny how that happens every so often. It’s kind of like having allergies – every seven years or so you get an itch from something you didn’t know you were allergic to. Bah!

I’m happy to report that I am I am gainfully and happily employed – and I love it. And the new gig comes with a guilty pleasure: a laptop. Heh heh – I’m in heaven! I will even admit – I like it better than my iPhone. Upside:  my thumbs aren’t feeling like they are going to fall off; I can watch Big Bang Theory and work on a mail merge; lacrosse camp? Boredom is not a problem! Confession: I am in bed right now and just happily typing away. It makes the snoring animals and husband a little easier to tolerate.

Downside: can’t think of anything. I will defer to the snoring things. But clearly they aren’t bothered.

FYI – I did accomplish a few things while out on what will now lovingly refer to as The Sabbatical. I don’t want ya’ll to think I sat on my toosh and cried (though I did do that more than once). Mind you it’s a short list, but short is better than total depression. I revamped my website. I got a tan. I totally reconstructed my workout routine – almost obsessively. Downloaded lots of new music (think: new workout routine) Kidnapped G-nome (where the hell is he??) I moped. I thought a lot. And here’s the list of things that I should have done but really didn’t give one crap about and therefore never got to while on The Sabbatical: clean (anything); paint bathroom; work diligently on photography; organize closets; clip dogs’ nails; steam clean carpet; clean out cupboards; clean baseboards; read; weed; mulch; wrestle.

So that sums it up. Having two months off has completely put me behind schedule. But I now have a laptop. I think that’s fair. I totally came out on top. 

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